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Up-to-Date Knowledge Transfer at the 15th Optatec in 2022

The Optatec international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems will open its doors at its usual venue in Frankfurt from the 18th through the 20th of October, 2022. The significance of this leading trade is once again substantiated by the fact that more than 45% of all currently registered exhibitors come from outside of Germany. Nowhere else do experts, manufacturers and users of optotechnology and image processing meet in such a focused manner as at Optatec.

Production and quality assurance managers, as well as manufacturing directors and system integrators, are once again looking forward to Optatec 2022 as a key trade fair for the optotechnology and machine vision sectors. They’re able to gain a comprehensive impression of worldwide offerings for products, stand-alone and system solutions, as well as applications including optical components, optomechanics, optoelectronics, fibre-optics, fibre-optic cables, laser components and manufacturing systems. Optatec, which is taking place for the 15th time this year, has established itself as an exclusive industry meet – small, impressive and highly specialised. Expert visitors with decision-making competence meet up here with specialists from various fields and discover concentrated, state-of-the-art, future-oriented offerings. Trade fair visits are made use of to address precisely specific target groups and they make it much easier to arrive at investment decisions.

Optotechnology and Image Processing: Booming Issues of the Future!

Optotechnology and image processing are highly significant in all industrial and non-industrial sectors. For predicting weather and climate data, for reliable quality inspection processes and for the development of driver assistance systems – optics and photonics play a major role in all areas of life and are becoming increasingly important. Photonics, biophotonics, photovoltaics and image processing are booming technologies! Driving forces for the optical technologies include increasing degrees of automation, widespread use of autonomous systems and increasingly stringent quality requirements in both industrial and non-industrial sectors. Analytical, bio and laboratory technologies, as well as pharmaceuticals and healthcare, require the most advanced, highly precise, future-proof optotechnology systems. The implementation of forward-looking factors such as artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility, new forms of learning, personalisation and smart cities is based on the latest technologies in the fields of optotechnology and image processing. Visitors and other interested parties from the fields of robotics and automation technology, laser technology, the automotive industry, aviation and aerospace, medical technology and medical imaging, as well as lighting technology, are thus eager to see what’s new at Optatec.

From Academia to Practical Application

Representatives from the universities will of course be on hand again this year – they’ll be organising the “Education & Research” technology park presented by the Darmstadt and RheinMain Universities of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Central Hesse. This promotes a concrete transfer of knowledge from research to everyday company operations. With their concept based on practical orientation, trade fair promoters P. E. Schall focus on direct user benefits and aim to create direct solution options for practical use in manufacturing.

Optatec takes place regularly once every two years as a trade fair highlight and had to be postponed this year to October from its usual timeslot in mid-May. Optatec 2022 will now pick up where the highly successful trade fair left off in 2018. Optatec will be held for the first time in hall 8 – with roughly 30,000 square metres of floor space, it’s the largest hall on ground level at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. It’s favourable location is easily accessible and can be reached via direct suburban railway connection. The dates for visitors and other interested parties are firm: 18 to 20 October 2022 in Frankfurt.

Further information: .Optatec-Messe.de

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60 Years of Trade Fairs for Markets – Schall Trade Fairs’ Recipe for Success

Schall has developed successful business platforms with internationally recognised trade fairs for quality assurance (Control), optical technologies, components and systems (Optatec), stamping technology (Stanztec), automation in production and assembly (Motek), bonding technology (Bondexpo), plastics processing (Fakuma), sheet metal working (Blechexpo) and joining technology (Schweisstec). This has given rise to entirely new markets in various sectors, whose protagonists are distinguished by tremendous innovative strength, comprehensive systems competence and practical application solutions.

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The Start-up Area - for Cutting-Edge Networking

Innumerable start-ups have established themselves in recent years who are revolutionising future optical technologies, components and systems with their innovative solutions.
As a long-standing event, Optatec would like to support in particular emerging companies, and provide them with a platform at the internationally recognised meeting place for the industry in an attractive, world-renowned top location, Messe Frankfurt a. M..
The prerequisite for participation is simple: exhibited products must be related to optical technologies.

Young start-up companies receive an all-round carefree package for participation in the START UP AREA of Optatec, which includes both a chic stand construction package and an attractive marketing package.

The innovative young entrepreneurs at the fair will thus benefit from these three Top-Benefits:

  • Increased public awareness and enhanced brand image thanks to the enormous scope of Optatec at the international level.
  • Highly beneficial and long-lasting business contacts can be established here in three days.
  • Decision-makers integrate innovative solutions from Optatec directly into their investment projects.

The Schall team will be pleased to provide further information and individual consultation:

Tel.: +49 (0)7025 9206-651
E-Mail: optatec@schall-messen.de

Stand registration Start-up Area

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Exhibitor Forum as Optatec Highlight

The exhibitor forum at Optatec has been conceived as a communication platform for supplementary information concerning the participating companies, as well as their technologies and their respective range of offerings. The participating exhibitors provide expert visitors with additional, in-depth information which goes above and beyond the exhibition programme. This results in increased decision-making security for expert visitors with a propensity to buy and invest. Beyond this, world-class speakers from research and science institutes report on their innovations and experiences – in theory and in practice – thus expanding the knowledge base for users.

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Technology Park: “Training and Research – Study Photonics” – Hall 8.0, Booth A115

Photonics is the technical mastery and exploitation of light. In contrast to electronics, i.e. the technical mastery and exploitation of electrons or the flow of electrical current, photonics encompasses the use of photons in optical technologies such as laser, digital image processing, optical measuring technology, optical data transmission and lighting technology.
At the “Training and Research – Study Photonics” Technology Park, young people who are interested in modern technology will be presented with hands-on optical technology and opportunities for asking questions: three universities of applied sciences will present their courses of study relating to optical technologies and photonics and invite all interested school classes and teachers to Optatec on the 19th of October, 2022. The following offerings will await you:

  • Free admission to the trade fair
  • Presentations dealing with actual practice held by graduates
  • Presentation of the courses of study
  • Guided tours of renowned companies from the industry sector

Exhibiting universities:

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Katja Jakob


RheinMain University

Engineering Department, Physics

Sandra Peruzzi


Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences

Departments of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Data Processing (MND), as well as Information Technology, Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics (IEM)

Prof. Dr. Martin Eckhardt


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60 years of Schall - 15 years of Optatec - with exhibitor Satisloh

Technological change is all about acceleration, dynamics, innovation, creativity. Schall private trade fair promoters have steadfastly supported industry in these processes for decades.

In this anniversary year, the Schall film team will visit long-standing exhibitors at their company headquarters. The look behind the scenes and the statements about the ongoing trade fair partnership increase anticipation for the approaching trade fair autumn.

Especially at Optatec, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year! Satisloh GmbH has been part of the event for many years.

Satisloh has been in existence for 100 years and is now regarded as one of the world’s leading companies for spectacle and precision optics. With machines and solutions for manufacturing as well as a high service awareness, the company enjoys an excellent reputation internationally.

For many years, Satisloh has been flying the flag at Optatec, considering it a key trade fair and using it to address target groups with pinpoint accuracy.

At the 15th Optatec 2022, trade visitors can once again look forward to the latest technology and top-class, tailor-made solutions from Satisloh.

The preparations in the company are in full swing and the anticipation for the trade fair appearance in the “double anniversary year” is great.

During the company’s visit to Wetzlar, the passion for manufacturing first-class, turnkey solutions and machinery for the eyewear and precision optics industries will meet the passion of the Schall trade fair company for providing a perfect international platform for high-quality products and services…

…and that’s exactly why we keep the speedometer flying and do what we’ve always been burning for: Trade fairs for markets!

We’ll meet again at Optatec 2022!


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Topics of the future at Optatec 2022

The players in the optical industry are preparing for the trade fair autumn of 2022. From October 18 to 20, Optatec – International Trade Fair for Optical Technologies, Components and Systems – will open its doors at the usual trade fair location in Frankfurt/Main. Currently, the proportion of foreign exhibitors is already at 45 percent. Representatives from universities will be there again this year – they are designing the “Education & Research” technology park.

Without optotechnology and image processing, contemporary life in many different areas would be inconceivable. Weather and climate data, quality inspection processes, driver assistance systems, deposit bottle return, waste separation, microelectronics, robot control, biotechnology and laboratory technology – for all these industrial and non-industrial fields of action, systems of optotechnology and image processing are fundamentally required. Both in Germany, where optical technologies have a broad industrial base, and internationally, photonics, biophotonics, photovoltaics and image processing are booming topics. The drivers are the general increase in automation and digitalization, including autonomous systems, as well as higher quality requirements in production. The growing fields of analysis, biotechnology and laboratory technology as well as pharmaceuticals and healthcare in particular require optotechnology systems that are up to date. Finally, the practical implementation of topics such as artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility, new forms of learning, personalization and smart cities is based on new technologies from optotechnology and image processing.

High-tech topics of the present and the future

As an internationally recognized and traditionally sought-after industry get-together, Optatec primarily covers the trend topics. No other trade show venue brings together the most important players in the optical industry. Trade visitors will get a comprehensive picture of the worldwide range of products, detailed and system solutions as well as applications: optical components, optomechanics, optoelectronics, fiber optics, optical fibers, laser components as well as manufacturing systems. The Optatec trade show highlight takes place every two years and this year had to be moved from the usual mid-May period to the fall. For many companies, Optatec is an indispensable industry meeting place in Germany and Europe – and here the leading trade fair par excellence. For this year, the proportion of foreign exhibitors is already at 45 percent – despite many travel restrictions, especially from the Asian region.

Knowledge transfer up to date: from university to practice

Like all trade fairs organized by P. E. Schall, the Optatec concept follows the principle of practical orientation and focuses on user benefits. Thus, the trade fair organizer attaches importance to a concrete transfer of knowledge from research to everyday business. This year, the “Education & Research” technology park of the Darmstadt and RheinMain Universities of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Central Hesse will therefore also be part of the event. The young engineering discipline of optotechnology and image processing, which gets to the bottom of photonics and shapes how people will live and work with light in the future, will provide users and trade visitors with highly interesting news for practical applications. Thus, as is customary at Optatec, many young trade fair visitors will also be on the move.

This year, Optatec will be held for the first time in the daylight-bright Hall 8 – with around 30,000 square meters of floor space, it is the largest ground-level hall on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds and is very easy to reach from a transport point of view with a direct S-Bahn connection. Visitors and interested parties should definitely make a note of the date October 18-20, 2022 in Frankfurt.

Optatec Internationale Fachmesse für optische Technologien, Komponenten und Systeme csm Leitmotiv Optatec 2022 maske HD 3Z b04be1605a uai

Postponement Optatec to 10/2022

Due to the Europe-wide postponement of trade fair events, Optatec 2022 will again be affected. After Laser In Munich was postponed to the even year, and then still close to the scheduled Optatec 2022 in May, we have jointly decided to postpone Optatec 2022 to September 27 – 29.

Messe Frankfurt has now also had to postpone the date for one of its leading trade fairs, Light and Building, from March 2022 to October 2022, and so there will be overlaps in the set-up phase of this event, which occupies the entire site, with Optatec in Hall 3.

Thus, Optatec 2022, scheduled for Sept. 27-29, 2022, will be moved back 3 weeks to Oct. 18-20, 2022.

The “Optatec” will now take place in the period from 18 – 20.10.2022!

The postponement is also associated with a change of location, so that Optatec 2022 will not be held in Hall 3 as usual, but in Hall 8. This decision was made in close consultation with the trade fair advisory board, which is also behind this postponement and supports it with a large majority.

We offer all exhibitors to change the concluded exhibition contracts to the new event period.

Optatec Internationale Fachmesse für optische Technologien, Komponenten und Systeme Unbenannt uai

A spirit of optimism for future technologies at Optatec 2018

Innovative industry meeting for optical technologies

Optatec – International Trade Fair for Optical Technologies, Components and Systems scored over three days in mid-May with technical innovations from all areas of photonics. The increased importance of this leading trade show was again demonstrated this year by the renewed growth in the number of high-caliber international visitors.

World range of optical technologies at Optatec

With 540 exhibitors from 32 nations, 5803 visitors from 45 countries, Optatec 2018 has once again gained in internationality and thus, as a central industry event, represents the worldwide range of products, detailed and system solutions as well as applications from the broad field of optical technologies.Optical components, optomechanics, fiber optics and optical waveguides, laser components, coating technologies and, above all, the key technology of photonics were represented here just as much as systems for additive manufacturing, industrial image processing and optical metrology.

Optical technologies at the highest level

“In this combination and internationality, never before have so many experts, manufacturers and users come together on one platform,” says project manager Fabian Krüger. The concept of Optatec with its constant further development is working. Top-class trade visitors with decision-making authority will meet experts from different fields and a concentrated future-oriented range of products and services. This makes investment decisions more targeted and faster. The positive and optimistic mood on the part of both exhibitors and visitors, which was already noticeable shortly after the start of the trade show, continued throughout the entire trade show. This was certainly also due to the fact that many visitors took an above-average amount of time not only to make intensive trade show contacts, but also to experience the first-ever “Optical Systems Design Conference”, hosted by SPIE Europe with a large number of world-renowned experts. Also very well attended were the exhibitor forum with about 1200 participants, the SPECTARIS workshops and the “Technology Park Education and Research”.

Visitors and exhibitors at Optatec 2018 are satisfied all round

Once again, more than just scientific findings and practical applications were demonstrated at the highest level. Partnerships were formed, knowledge was imparted, and contracts were awarded. The cooperation partners were also more than satisfied with the quality of the event. Long-time participants as well as first-time exhibitors therefore still held out the prospect of their participation in the upcoming Optatec, from May 12 to 14, 2020, on the spot.


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Trade fair films from Optatec 2018!

Many thanks to all exhibitors and trade visitors for the successful 14th Optatec at Messe Frankfurt! Every day we published here trade fair films from the current trade fair events. We captured impressions of product novelties, world premieres, excellent know-how and impressive innovation power of Optatec, International Trade Fair for Optical Technologies, Components and Systems.


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Optatec Internationale Fachmesse für optische Technologien, Komponenten und Systeme csm Optische Technologien boomen 2 4d60e41409 uai

Optical technologies are booming

Optatec shows innovative application possibilities

Whether in the solar industry, industrial image processing, laboratory technology or microelectronics – without optical technologies nothing works in many places today. The international trade fair for optical technologies, Optatec, takes this into account from May 15 to 17, 2018. Numerous innovations will be on display at the Frankfurt International Exhibition Center.

Optical technologies experience sales growth

In 2017, the 330 German manufacturers of analytical, bioanalytical and laboratory technology generated sales of 8.71 billion euros. This corresponds to an increase of eleven percent compared to the previous year, announced the industry association SPECTARIS. Positive impetus came from domestic (+ 14.5 %) and international business (+ 7.9 %). The forecasts for the current year are also extremely good, he said. Sales growth for 2018 is expected to be of a similar magnitude.

Optical technologies have a broad industrial base in Germany. But photonics, biophotonics and photovoltaics are also on the rise internationally. “A fact that we are also noticing at Optatec, which is becoming increasingly international. We’re currently hosting exhibitors from 32 nations,” reports project manager Karen Waldow from trade fair promoter P.E. Schall GmbH & Co KG. Given an export ratio of 52 percent, demand from abroad is an important basis for industry growth. A good 40 percent of German exports of analytical, bioanalytical and laboratory technology currently go to EU countries. Exports to the USA and China are also in double digits.

Numerous application possibilities increase sales

Important customer channels for manufacturers are currently industry, the public sector, and the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. Around 85 percent of domestic sales are generated here. “Optical technologies are benefiting from higher quality requirements in manufacturing, the continued rise of renewable energy, and the growing pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors,” explains Ms. Waldow. The concept of Optatec is to cover mainly the trend areas. According to the project manager, the principle of all sound trade fairs is to offer concrete utility value in the application of the exhibited technologies. To promote the transfer from science to practice, Ms. Waldow attaches great importance to a framework program that includes best practices. Those who want to learn more or make new contacts can take part in the Optatec exhibitor forum, for example. The Science Slam by OptecNet on the Tuesday of the trade fair is entertaining, where knowledge is presented in a new format. The absolute highlight will be the Optical Systems Design Conference organized by SPIE Europe, which will be held concurrently with the trade show.

Transferring theory into practice through best practices at Optatec

Numerous workshops and lectures, where exhibitors report on their experiences and invite colleagues as well as visitors to follow and participate, ensure an optimal transfer of optical technologies into daily work. The areas of personnel recruiting and training/education will also not be neglected at Optatec. The Technology Park Education & Research “Studying Photonics” is hosted by five strongly committed German universities. Here, the focus is on the target groups of pupils and students.