19. April 2024

Optatec 2024: World-Class, Highly Specialised and Ready to Go!

Optatec Internationale Fachmesse für optische Technologien, Komponenten und Systeme Optatec Eingang Frankfurt Welcome 2024 uai

Experts involved in research into light will meet at the traditional trade fair venue in Frankfurt at the 16th Optatec international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems from the 14th through the 16th of May, 2024. Nearly 400 exhibitors will explore the topic of light in hall 3.1 at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. Expert visitors can look forward to a top-quality, extremely interesting supplementary programme covering the most up-to-date topics.

The highly specialised leading event deals with optotechnology, image processing, new technologies, manufacturing processes and machines. As a leading trade fair, Optatec brings optics fans together from various sectors and numerous countries for three days. It bridges the gap between research and industry. Optical technologies are key disciplines which combine engineering sciences with the natural sciences. They’re innovation drivers in fields such as machinery and systems manufacturing, production automation, automotive engineering, microelectronics and optoelectronics, lighting technology, the pharmaceutical and medical products industry, laboratory automation and defence, as well as in general safety and security applications. Manufacturers of optical technologies are uniting fundamental physics research and technical applications. Optatec presents solutions for ecological, economic, social and technical challenges of both today and tomorrow.

Visitors Experience a Cutting-Edge Event with Outstanding Supplementary Programme

Optatec 2024 will be distinguished by a highly impressive supplementary programme. To begin with, the SPECTARIS Industry Association for Photonics will report on current market figures at the opening press conference and offer specialised seminars on the following day: “New developments in the DIN Standards Committee for Precision Mechanics and Optics (NAFuO)” will be discussed in German from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on the 15th of May, 2024. The technical seminar covering “Professional Software for the Development of Optical and Precision Mechanical Components” will then be held in English from 1 to 3 pm. The Fraunhofer IOF from Jena, Germany, will also be in Frankfurt for Optatec 2024 and will provide information on topics including “Micro- and Nano-Optics – from the Street to Outer Space”.

The exhibitor forum at Optatec has been conceived as a communication platform targeted at expert visitors which provides additional information about participating companies, as well as their technologies and their respective range of offerings. The participating exhibitors provide expert visitors with additional, in-depth information which goes above and beyond the exhibition programme. This results in increased decision-making security for expert visitors with a propensity to buy and invest. World-class speakers from research and science institutes will report on their innovations and experiences – in theory and in practice – thus providing users with an expanded knowledge base.

Optatec 2024 Presents Leading Photonics Master’s Programmes from Hessen

Research and science also benefit from Optatec as a communication platform for all aspects of photonics – the technical mastery and utilisation of light. Photonics encompasses the use of photons in optical technologies such as laser, digital image processing, optical metrology, optical data transmission and lighting technology. Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Rhine-Main University of Applied Sciences and Central Hessen University of Applied Sciences will present this subject matter live at the trade fair and showcase their Master’s degree programmes in “Optotechnology and Image Processing”, “Applied Physics” and “Optical Systems Engineering”. The collective booth offers a unique opportunity for interested parties to find out more about these specialised degree programmes. Visitors will have the opportunity of exchanging ideas with instructors and representatives of the universities in order to gain insight into the content and career opportunities offered by the degree programmes.
Everyone who has already completed a bachelor’s degree or vocational training in a technical/scientific field and would like to find out more about cameras, lasers, optics and light, is cordially invited to Optatec.

International and Future Orientated

Optatec exhibitors are manufacturers of optical components, systems, modules and complete solutions that utilise the special properties of light for technical applications. Manufacturers of photonics components, production systems and hardware for the production of optical components are represented at the trade fair as well. The Optatec community also includes providers of analysis and evaluation software and tools. New technologies, new manufacturing processes, new machines and new applications are at the centre of attention. More than half of the exhibitors journey to the trade fair from outside of Germany. They value this highly specialised event where they can meet up with their target groups. Optatec is held regularly once every two years and serves as the ultimate meeting place for the industry sector.

“As the trade fair promoter, we’re proud to showcase the specialised topics of photonics and optical technologies at such an exclusive level,” says Bettina Schall, managing director of P. E. Schall. “Optatec is a highly specialised platform and is recognised as a leading trade fair with high levels of internationality. It’s fitting that International Light Day, on 16 May 2024, coincides with Optatec. Everyone interested in the topic of light is thus cordially invited to visit Optatec in Frankfurt from the 14th through the 16th of May, 2024. All light aficionados are more than welcome!”

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