1200-PO Most sophisticated mass-production coater in the market
The 1200-PO is Satisloh’s flagship high volume coating system with unprecedented throughput capabilities. It offers process flexibility to deposit a multitude of thin-film coating types on plastic and glass optics via thermal evaporation processes with large volume electron beam gun ...more

Optatec Internationale Fachmesse für optische Technologien, Komponenten und Systeme Optatec 2024 002 web
Optatec 2024: Inspiring, Highly Specialised and International
Photonics experts celebrated the 16th Optatec international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems from the 14th through the 16th of May, 2024. The industry highlight at its traditional venue in Frankfurt focused on an exciting topic, namely the technical exploitation ...more


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Optatec 2024 – Trade fair films “Statements & Scenes”
Welcome to the 16th Optatec, the international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems, in Frankfurt am Main, in the heart of Europe! Optatec 2024 got off to a successful start today with 422 international exhibitors and a large number of trade fair guests from all over ...more

Optatec Internationale Fachmesse für optische Technologien, Komponenten und Systeme csm optatec impressionen 2018 02 f73cb2c1e2
Highlight Optatec: Festival of light with great internationality
From May 14th to 16th, 2024, the optotechnology specialists will celebrate the 16th Optatec, the international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems. The focus here is on the technical use of light. The industry highlight at the traditional trade fair location in ...more

ELWIMAT-Vario-FOC for active Alignment of Camera and LiDAR Systems
Die drei unter verschiedenen Winkel angeordneten optischen Systeme ELWIMAT-Vario-Fok haben speziell auf die Anwendung abgestimmte Objektstrichplatten für unterschiedliche Applikationen sowie zusätzlich eine interne Fokuseinrichtung mit Pizeoschlitten integriert. Die Fokussierung dient zur ...more

See the QDS (QED Deflectometer for Spots)
The QDS is a compact metrology workstation for accurate and cost effective measurement of MRF™ spots in a shop-floor environment. A better way of taking spots for your precision optics.

Customised product development, production and assembly
Optomech GmbH offers you support for all tasks relating to product development in the fields of optics and optoelectronics, medical technology, precision engineering and metrology. Our range of activities includes services along the entire development process from conception and design ...more

Grinding and turning machines for ultra precision optical systems
Fives and its dedicated Grinding | Ultra Precision teams – over 700 people globally - offer a complete range of grinding and specialist ultra-precision machines, plus a comprehensive range of systems, grinding accessories and service/support programs. Cranfield Precision teams have over ...more

Smart Optical Coatings
Motivation • Production of high-end optical components • Functionalization of surfaces with optical coatings • Flexible optical & mechanical properties • Protection layers Function/Properties/ Characteristics​ • Various processes for all sample types' • Ion Beam sputtering for ...more

OTF Studio Thin Film Software
OTF Studio GmbH from Germany provides powerful and modern OTF Studio Thin Film Software® for design, analysis, monitoring, and characterization of multilayer optical coatings. OTF Studio GmbH holds trainings and workshops. Also, the company provides consulting and develops custom software ...more

The latest addition to UNIVERSAL PHOTONICS’ extensive line of premium cerium oxide polishing powders, UNICER 1000, is engineered to service a wide range of applications where high quality surface finish and increased productivity are the ultimate goal. Its formula, the unique ...more

FLP Wafer 1300 - 1700 nano
The newly developed FLP Wafer 1300 - 1700 is a double-sided flat polishing machine for processing wafers and glass wafers. For the first time, chemically resistant granite polishing discs have been used. They guarantee a very high accuracy of the tool precision. The servo drives are ...more

New SD-OCT spectrometer delivers unmatched roll-off performance and image quality
Introducing our EAGLE OCT-S-M spectrometer with industry-leading roll-off performance and unmatched image quality in a compact form factor. Designed with E2V OCTOPLUS camera, it generates a full OCT measurement at a framerate of up to 250 kHz to optimize workflow. Its configurable central ...more

Remarkably compact Raman HR spectrometer for faster, more precise Raman measurements
Our high-performance Raman HR spectrometer offers exceptional accuracy for information-dense spectra within a remarkably compact design. Utilizing multiple 2048 pixel detectors, this spectrometer ensures high data density while leveraging optimal detector performance. With support for both ...more

300mm optical Wafer with Metasurfaces
Researchers at Fraunhofer IOF have succeeded for the first time in producing a metasurface with a diameter of almost 30 centimeters using electron beam lithography. The new manufacturing technology can help build optical systems significantly thinner in the future. Such large metasurfaces ...more

Pattern Projection using Maskless Microlens Arrays
A newly developed maskless design approach describes the use of individually contoured and decentered microlens arrays in micro-optical projectors. This new method offers high transmission, new artistic design freedom and possible cost savings through injection molding for use cases in the ...more

Ganymede Laser Altimeter
The Ganymede Laser Altimeter (GALA), aboard the ESA JUICE spacecraft, employs high-precision metal optics to explore Jupiter's moon Ganymede. Developed in collaboration with Hensoldt Optronic GmbH, Fraunhofer IOF crafted a precise laser receiver unit for GALA, under the leadership of the ...more

High-precision double slit for space spectrometer
The FLEX mission aims to map global vegetation status from space, revealing photosynthetic activity, plant health, and stress. For the spectrometer on board the satellite, Fraunhofer IOF crafted a high-precision silicon double slit device with sub-µ range slit widths and two high-precision mirrors.

EXOMARS 532 nm laser for RAMAN experiment on Mars
The ExoMars rover will examine Martian surface minerals to seek signs of extraterrestrial life. For this, a doubled 532 nm diode-pumped solid-state laser (DPSSL) was developed by Fraunhofer IOF and Monocrom S.L., with optical components built to endure Mars' unique environmental conditions.

New sensor for direct and absolute light absorption measurement
Our compact LID sensor offers highly sensitive absorption measurement, fulfilling the need for precise testing of absolute absorption in optical materials, thin films, and fibers. It uniquely combines the photo-thermal concept with electrical calibration, allowing for versatile use with ...more

17th Optatec trade fair from 05 to 07 May 2026

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