2. April 2024

Technology Park: “Training and Research – Study Photonics” – Halle 3.1., Booth 636

Optatec Internationale Fachmesse für optische Technologien, Komponenten und Systeme Optatec 2024 Fairday Photonik 1920x822 uai

Optatec 2024 presents leading photonics master’s degree programmes from Hessen

Photonics is the technical mastery and exploitation of light. In contrast to electronics, i.e. the technical mastery and exploitation of electrons or the flow of electrical current, photonics encompasses the use of photons in optical technologies such as laser, digital image processing, optical measuring technology, optical data transmission and lighting technology.

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences and Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen will be presenting their Master’s degree programmes such as “Optotechnology and Image Processing”, “Applied Physics” and “Optical System Engineering” live at the trade fair from 14 to 16 May.

The Common Booth in Hall 3.1. offers a unique opportunity for interested parties to find out more about these specialised degree courses. Visitors will have the opportunity to talk to lecturers and representatives of the universities to gain insights into the content and career opportunities of the degree programmes.

Anyone who has already completed a bachelor’s degree or training in a technical or scientific field and would like to find out more about cameras, lasers, optics and light is cordially invited to attend:

Free ticket by e-mail: katja.jakob@ha-da.de

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Optatec Internationale Fachmesse für optische Technologien, Komponenten und Systeme Photonik studieren

Great insights for school graduates – 16.5.2024 Trade fair day at Optatec 2024!

At the “Training and Research – Study Photonics” Technology Park, young people who are interested in modern technology will be presented with hands-on optical technology and opportunities for asking questions: three universities of applied sciences will present their courses of study relating to optical technologies and photonics and invite all interested school classes and teachers to Optatec on the 16th of May, 2024. The following offerings will await you:

  • Free admission to the trade fair
  • Presentations dealing with actual practice held by graduates
  • Presentation of the courses of study
  • Guided tours of renowned companies from the industry sector

Admission is free for school classes and teachers. Interested pupils and teachers are requested to register by 1 May 2024 in order to take part in the Fairday.

Darmstadt area: katja.jakob@ha-da.de

Wiesbaden/Rüsselsheim area: Sandra.Peruzzi@hs-rm.de

Giessen/Friedberg area: martin.eckhardt@mnd.thm.de

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Exhibiting universities:

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Katja Jakob


RheinMain University

Engineering Department, Physics

Sandra Peruzzi


Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences

Departments of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Data Processing (MND), as well as Information Technology, Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics (IEM)

Prof. Dr. Martin Eckhardt