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Product overview

Optical components and materials
  • Diffractive elements, optical lattices
  • Optical systems

Infrared technology
  • IR optics

Optical measuring and test technology
  • Image recording and image processing
  • Interferometric measuring technology
  • Surface measuring technology

Fields of application for optical technologies
  • Lenses

Optomechanical components and assemblies
  • Positioning and assembly systems

Fibre-optic devices/systems
  • Fibre-optic R&D (devices and systems)

Product Innovations

DIOPTIC solutions for the inspection of optical surfaces

For the inspection of optical surfaces for defects and contamination according to ISO 10110-7 we recommend the products from our ARGOS series. The latest addition to the range is our ARGOS matrix 200. Entire production batches can be inspected automatically without user interaction.

The user-independent testing provides our customers with process reliability through reproducible and objective results. Our AI-supported image processing ensures best defect detection. Results are clearly graphically presented and saved as an inspection report in a selectable format.

If you have any questions please contact our expert Dr. Roland Goschke| Phone: +49 6201 650 40-292.

Computer-generated holograms (CGHs) in combination with fizeau interferometers are now used as a proven and established tool to inspect aspheres, cylindrical lenses and free-form surfaces with the highest precision.

DIOPTIC has been offering these CGHs for more than 20 years - but with one decisive advantage: Our DFNL CGHs (Diffractive Fizeau Null Lens) can be attached directly to the interferometer and do not require an additional interferometer lens. The CGH generates both the aspherical wavefront and the reference wave, which eliminates transmission wavefront errors and allows more precise measurements - on CGH diameters up to 230 mm!

Our "Diffractive Transmission Sphere" CGHs (DTS) allow the inspection of large convex lens surfaces with special radii of curvature for which no suitable transmission sphere interferometer lenses can be found. We even offer special CGHs for the high-precision alignment of optical components.

If we have aroused your interest, our expert Dr. Frank Weidner will advise you | Tel.: +49 6201 650 40-17.

DIOPTIC solutions for the inspection of optical surfaces
Automated batch inspection of optical components with our ARGOS matrix

Product group:

Optical measuring and test technology


Mr. Dr. Roland Goschke

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