Product novelty 10. October 2022

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition for high throughput production

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Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition handling
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The FHR. Star.400x300-SALD is a rotary spatial ALD system that provides an ultra-fast and highly conformal coating on plane and structured surfaces. The large substrate capacity allows coating of 8 pcs of 300mm wafers, 12 pcs of 200mm wafers or 4 pcs of 3D substrates with dimensions of 400x300x10 mm³ per run. A plasma source can be integrated to enable PEALD processes. The FHR.Star.400x300-SALD is fully compatible with the FHR.Star cluster system product family and can be combined with other FHR technology modules. The system is designed for the integration of in-situ ellipsometry, allowing effective process control.

Benefits for the customer:

- Industrial production tool compatible with FHR.Star cluster platform (transfer, magazin, sputtering,...)
- Increased productivity due to high substrate capacity
- Fully automated process control
- Automated maintenance routines

Typical applications:

- Optical coatings
- Barrier layers
- Photovoltaics
(e.g. electron transport layer)
- High-k-dielectrics

Special features:

- Ultra-fast deposition
- High surface conformality
- Excellent uniformity
- Made in Germany