Product novelty 27. February 2024

Ultra-Precision Work Holding Spindle (optional with HSK63): ASD-Px/ ASD-PHM63

Our ultra-precision workpiece spindle (ASD-Px) combines ultra-precision with speed and robustness for the machining and positioning of optics, optical components, or other parts that require ultra-precision machining. With an error motion of less than 15 nm, our ASD-Px has the highest rigidity and load capacity for an aerostatic workpiece spindle.

The slim cartridge design enables use in horizontal or vertical machining centers with a closed headstock. Thanks to the "high performance" motor option with a constant torque of 14 Nm and high rotational accuracy, our ASD-Px is also suitable as a tool spindle (ASD-PH63M) for holding large grinding wheels. Grinding large glass lenses with our ASD-Px or ASD-PH63M reduces damage to the substrate and the subsequent polishing process.

As a result, the user receives a high-precision workpiece spindle for manufacturing and positioning optical components. It makes no difference whether large metal mirrors are being machined at low or high speeds.

Key facts at a glance:

- Available Speeds: 10,000/ 12,000 rpm
- Available with: Faceplate (Ø 120 mm), vacuum chuck, zero-point chuck, or HSK-C63 interface (ASD-PH63M)
- Diameter: Ø 175 mm/ with flange Ø 214.5 mm
- Length and weight: approx. 511 mm and 60 kg
- Rotational accuracy (error motion): < 15 nm