Product novelty 03. November 2020

Free centering software ELWICenter for optical systems

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Clear GUI with touch and easy operation can be retrofitted on existing centering hardware
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Input mask for the individual lens radii, distances and types of glass
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Overview of back focal length settings
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Measurement of last Surface with evaluated data
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Result of 7 Surfaces in respect to mechanical reference (0)
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With the new software #ELWICenter from HOFBAUER OPTIK Mess- &Prüftechnik, you can adjust and measure complex optical systems such as multi-lens objectives, triplets and achromatic lenses easily. The software includes an input mode that records the design data of the test object e. g. lens radii, thicknesses, distances and refractive indices. All relevant values e.g. real and virtual centers of curvature of individual surfaces are calculated and adressed. The tilt and decenter of all lens surfaces are measured with #ELWIMAT-AKF or #ELWIMAT-VFS and an anxilliary lens. Within the software included algorithms of an optic design programm all real deviations of lens decenter/ are calculated backwards with the use of the design of the lens system under test. The result data can be presented in tabular or/ and graphical form. Of course, as surface tilt angle (Sigma and Azimuth Phi) or as distance values (lateral offset L and Azimuth Phi). A report with PDF representation is mandatory. The data can be output as a non media break-proof document via a CSV file. Existing mechanics of older centering devices can usually be easily retrofitted. Please ask our specialists.

In our new Video of the measuring procedure on achromat (3 surfaces) you can have a look at easy use with a nice Graphical User Interface.

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