Product novelty 06. October 2022

Image quality testing with highest precision and repeatability

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ImageMaster® HR 2
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ImageMaster® HR 2
The ImageMaster® HR 2 is the newly developed MTF test station from TRIOPTICS which takes the ImageMaster® R&D product line to the next level.
It is the consistent further development of the worldwide standard solution for image quality testing of lenses e. g. for smartphone, surveillance cameras as well as automotive camera modules. The convenient availability of a wide range of measurement parameters leads to high efficiency in R&D as well as in prototype testing and production.
The new ImageMaster® HR 2 stands for highest measuring accuracy and reproducibility. The flexible system is suitable for different industries and customer applications. Many "off-the-shelf" upgrade solutions are available, for example Finite/finite conjugates, Encircled Energy, Veiling Glare and Edge Spread function as well as various wavelengths, target reticles and filters.
ImageMaster® HR 2 precisely measures the imaging properties of optical systems. The accuracy of the measurement is traceable to international standards. Measurement values taken by ImageMaster® HR 2 are highly stable and reliable, ensuring correlation worldwide.
The new Software “MTF Studio” in combination with mechanical features of the ImageMaster® HR 2 contribute to better correlation testing. Its easy handling minimizes the operator´s influence on the measurement results. Recurring measurement tasks can be carried out semi-automatically by using selfcreated scripts.
ImageMaster® HR 2 offers an extended range of measurable samples. Larger samples (in length) can be measured due to motorized height adjustment of the entrance pupil (up to 350 mm). Heavier samples (up to 5 kg) can be measured, due to improved mechanical stiffness. Moreover, absolute FFL/BFL measurement can be carried out and the sample FFL is increased due to a longer focus axis compared to ImageMaster® HR.