Trade fair highlight 11. October 2022

Coating equipment for high precision optics

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Interference coatings for optical applications require high uniformity of the optical layers and, instantaneously, low contamination of defects and particles to align with industry standards for high productivity: high yield and high repeatability of the deposition. For the latter an excellent process stability is a requisite.

FHR.Star-EOSS® product series provides a fl exible platform which can fulfi l all requirements instanteanously: The concept of rotary double magnetrons in combination with a plasma source in sputter-up geometry permits high durability of the deposition, high throughput, and excellent layer quality with low absorption.

Our design enables the connection of up to 4 diff erent process gases at each sputtering compartment and the plasma source enabling a high number of possible reactive or non-reactive sputtering processes and the deposition of various materials with diff erent physical properties. This flexibility facilitates our customers to change between products with minimal effort. The sputtering compartments can be removed effortlessly enabling fast target-Material exchange. Furthermore, the possibility to open the lid of the process chamber permits easy access to the process chamber for maintenance activities.

Advantages of EOSS

- Excellent layer thickness uniformity
- Quality with defect-free fi lms
- Long target lifetime due to rotary targets with minimum wear-out drift
- Fully automated process control including batch processing
- Recipe program generator for maximum process fl exibility
- Easy maintenance due to removable process compartments and tiltable lid of process chamber
- Outstanding repeatability and high process stability
- Broadband monitoring for highly accurate layer-thickness control
- SEMI-standard production on wafer-level processing