Trade fair highlight 27. February 2024

Ultra-Precision Aerostatic Tool Spindle with HSK25: (U)ASD-H25(A)

Ultra-precise aerostatic tool spindles with automatic HSK-E25 tool clamping and radial or axial spindle connections.

Our ASD-H25 and UASD-H25 models meet all the demands placed on a high-quality spindle for producing surfaces in optical quality and with maximum accuracy. They combine robustness and functionality for multi-axis CNC machining with high speeds for micromachining and the lowest error-motion values for machining optical components. The spindles have the following functions:

- An automatic and springless HSK-E25 tool interface
- A high-resolution rotary encoder
- A highly efficient thin-film liquid cooling system
- Clamping status monitoring and a standardized housing diameter

The result for the user is unprecedented precision, thermal stability, and the ability to machine optical surfaces in both milling and grinding applications. In contrast, in ultra-precision machining, the user receives high clamping reductions and an automated tool change to significantly increase productivity and automation.

The most important facts at a glance:

- Available speeds: 60,000, 80,000 or 90,000 rpm
- Tool interface: HSK-E25, automatic (SLH25)
- Diameter: Ø 100 mm
- Length and weight: 408 mm/ 472 mm and 16 kg
- Connections: radial or axial
- Rotational accuracy (error motion) < 30 nm