Quantum Design GmbHHall 3.1 - Stand 628

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  • Optical components and materials
    • Optical components
    • Mirrors, beam splitters
    • Polarisers
    • Optical filters, coloured glass filters
    • Optical and technical glass
    • Optical coatings
    • Optical systems
    • Quartz optics
  • Infrared technology
    • IR measuring technology
    • IR optics
  • UV technology
    • UV components
    • UV measuring technology
  • Optical measuring and test technology
    • Laser power measuring instruments
    • Measurement of optical quantities
    • Colour measuring technology
    • Monochromators
    • Particle analysis
    • Oscillation measuring technology
    • Spectrometers
  • Fields of application for optical technologies
    • EM-CCD cameras
  • Light sources
    • UV light sources

ILT2500 CW and Pulsed/Flash Light Measurement System
The ILT2500 is the most versatile light measurement system ever designed by ILT. It combines the ease-of-use of our hand-held, portable optometer, the measurement range of a Research/Lab radiometer, pulsed light profiling similar to an oscilloscope, and the spectral measurement ...more