I-PhotonicsHall 3.1 - Stand 720

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  • Optical components and materials
    • Optical coatings
    • Laser coatings
    • Mirrors, beam splitters
    • Polarisers
    • Optical filters, coloured glass filters
    • AR coatings
    • HR coatings
    • Filters, dielectric interference filters
    • Colour effect filters, dielectric
    • Metallic coatings
    • Beam splitters, dielectric
  • Thin-film technology
    • Vacuum/high-vacuum technology
    • Applications and processes for the production of optical thin films
  • Infrared technology
    • IR optics
  • Laser system components
    • Laser mirrors

15. May 2024 from 13:00 to 13:40 Clock
High-durable coatings on chalcogenide glasses for infrared applications
Mr. COO Mike Ivanovski
hall 3.1 booth 831 FORUM
MERIDIAN Plasma Assisted Reactive Magnetron Sputtering (PARMS) system
Meridian is an effective system for high-rate deposition of high-precision optical coatings for a wide range of applications. Meridian systems help to obtain thin films of a variety of materials with high accuracy and excellent quality. Our optical monitoring system allows the processes to ...more

Vacuum systems with IBAD, IBS, PECVD technologies
ORTUS ION BEAM ASSISTED DEPOSITION (IBAD) SYSTEM ORTUS is a family of coaters based on electron beam evaporation technology with ion assistance. From the compact sized Ortus 700 up to the largest Ortus 1500 our ORTUS coater portfolio can be configurated with a variety of options needed ...more