OptogamaHall 3.1 - Stand 626

  • Optical components and materials
    • Optical components
    • Crystals, non-linear, frequency-doubled, electro-optical, general
  • Laser system components
    • Laser mirrors
  • Optomechanical components and assemblies
    • Beam positioning systems

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Ultrafast Laser Shutter
Laser Shutter is used for single or multiple laser exposure interruption. It can be used with high power lasers in custom spectral region from UV to IR. Operation of Laser Shutter is based on the fast galvanomagnetic scanner. Scanner is incorporated in nondispersive optical system ...more

Ti:Sapphire crystals
Titanium-doped sapphire (Ti3+:Al2O3) is a widely used transition-metal-doped laser crystal. Ti3+ ion has a very large gain bandwidth that opens the possibility to obtain very wide wavelength tunability realized in short-pulse lasers. To obtain crystals with good optical quality Ti3+ ...more