Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.Hall 3.1 - Stand 627

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  • Optical components and materials
    • Optical coatings
    • Filters, dielectric interference filters
    • Laser coatings
  • UV technology
    • UV measuring technology
  • Software for optics and optoelectronics
    • Software for optics, coatings, thin-film design and optoelectronics, and for the development of optical systems (also engineering)
  • Optical measuring and test technology
    • Measurement of optical quantities
    • Particle analysis
    • Spectrometers
  • Thin-film technology
    • Applications and processes for the production of optical thin films
  • Service, institutions, publishers
    • Standardisation

Multi Radius Broadband Monitoring for Thin Film Coatings
Optical broadband monitoring is an essential tool for the fabrication of precise high performance optical coatings. We have served the needs of the industry for years with our standard system already allowing features like automated process control, online characterization or quality ...more

Tailored optics, characterization equipment and services
As the only supplier worldwide for turnkey, laboratory-scale spectrophotometers for the vacuum ultraviolet spectral range, we provide measurement equipment for characterization of optical coatings and materials in a challenging spectral range. Covering a total spectral range from 115 nm to ...more

Spatial ALD system
With a new Spatial ALD system, the LZH can now also uniformly coat complex-shaped optics. The innovative system achieves higher deposition rates than previously possible - and is of interest, among others, for applications in the automotive lighting or VR/AR sectors. ALD (atomic layer ...more