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  • Optical components and materials
    • Optical components
    • Round optics, spherical and aspheric lenses
    • Cylindrical lenses
  • Fields of application for optical technologies
    • Achromatic lenses, oculars, collimators
    • Lenses
  • Laser system components
    • Laser lens protectors and sealing windows
We handle optics so you can focus on what matters most-your system performance
As a key provider of LiDAR laser and optics, Hitronics is dedicated to serving global LIDAR companies and the automobile industry. Hitronics develops patented eye-safe laser (1.5um) and 905nm laser modules, precision optics for LIDAR transmitters and receivers, and leading-edge assembly ...more

ISO-Certified Manufacture of Optical Components, Coatings and Fiber-Pigtails
Sustainable manufacturing of optical components used for instrument, laser, communication and consumable, manufacture of fiber pigtails, coating for optical components certified by ISO 14001:2015.