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  • Optical components and materials
    • Optical components
    • Crystals, non-linear, frequency-doubled, electro-optical, general
    • HR coatings
  • Optoelectronic components and assemblies
    • Active optoelectronic components
    • Modulators

Diffraction Gratings for Optical Communication and Pulse Compression
CASTECH typically employs fused silica or ULE characterized with low absorption and superior stability for the fabrication of gratings. Other optical glass are also available upon request. Our high DE reflection grating is ideal for WSS and other applications in optical comnunication ...more

High Precision Aspherical lenses & Acylindrical Lenses
Aspheric lenses have its advantages in a range of applications where eliminated spherical aberration or (and) single element design is required. CASTECH offers CNC precision-polished aspherical and acylindrical lenses, with or without anti-reflection (AR) coatings. Our CNC polished ...more