FHR Anlagenbau GmbHHall 3.1 - Stand 220

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  • Thin-film technology
    • Applications and processes for the production of optical thin films
    • Vacuum/high-vacuum technology

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Coating equipment for high precision optics
Interference coatings for optical applications require high uniformity of the optical layers and, instantaneously, low contamination of defects and particles to align with industry standards for high productivity: high yield and high repeatability of the deposition. For the latter an ...more

Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition for high throughput production
The FHR. Star.400x300-SALD is a rotary spatial ALD system that provides an ultra-fast and highly conformal coating on plane and structured surfaces. The large substrate capacity allows coating of 8 pcs of 300mm wafers, 12 pcs of 200mm wafers or 4 pcs of 3D substrates with dimensions of ...more