SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KGHall 3.1 - Stand 503

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  • Machining
    • Ultraprecision machining
    • Centring/rounding
    • Polishing
    • Grinding/lapping

Additional information

SLG 60
The Spheroline SLG 60 is the ideal choice for manufacturing optics in the 2 to 60 mm diameter range. The extremely robust and compact machine features most modern CNC controls and advanced process technology. Its special kinematics and spindle configurations form the basis for grinding ...more

UPC 100
Compact but powerful, the fully featured UPC 100 offers all the benefits of SCHNEIDER’s larger ultra-precision machines but for smaller workpieces – even software options for corrective freeform machining. It is based on a unique modular platform, developed from scratch, to achieve the ...more

SLP 120
Excellent performance to investment ratio, uncompromised form accuracy and perfect reproducibility – this was the target for our new spherical polisher. Our solution: High-quality polisher SLP 120. With the integration of a correction spindle mounted in parallel to the workpiece ...more