CeramOptec GmbH
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  • Optical components and materials
    • Optical components
    • AR coatings
  • Fibre optics
    • Glass fibre-optics, doped for fibre laser
    • Quartz-glass fibre-optics
    • Fibre bundles, quartz-glass
  • Fibre-optic light guide technology
    • Fibre-optic light guides, cable
    • Fibre-optic light guide plug connectors
  • Light guides / fibre-optic cables, pre-assembled
    • Fibre-optic cables, prefabricated with standard plug connector
    • Fibre-optic cables, application-specific
    • Fibre-optic cables, UV
    • Fibre-optic cable jacketing, protective sheathing (metal and PMMA)
    • Fibre-optic cable accessories
    • Fibre-optic cable distributors
    • Laser cables, pre-assembled
  • Machining
    • Ultraprecision machining

Optran® UV, Optran® WF, Silica / silica fiber
Superior performance and fiber optic properties from UV to IR wavelengths: CeramOptec®’s Optran® UV / WF fibers are available in a range of core diameters and assemblies, tailored to your specific application needs. Applications: First choice for applications including spectroscopy, ...more