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The new generation of interferometers - Your wavelength is ou standard. Get beyond 633 nm
Phasics dynamic interferometers test optics at their working wavelength, with a Fizeau-comparable accuracy, at an affordable price. Kaleo MultiWAVE is your next solution! More versatile - Three interferometers for the price of one! More relevant - Whether your test wavelength requirement …mehr

SID4 - The cost-effective high-resolution wavefront sensor
Our best seller entry-level yet high-resolution wavefront sensor covering the visible and NIR range, the SID4 is the perfect versatile tool for any laser or optical metrology application. It has evolved with bigger aperture, smaller spatial resolution, and higher sampling

Kaleo MTF - MTF & WFE measurement station for high CRA lenses
PHASICS innovative solution delivers the most complete lens characterization: on & off-axis MTF and wave front error at multiple wavelengths. It benefits from PHASICS patented technology to provide accurate results even for large field of view. The Kaleo MTF station is ideal for measuring …mehr

Kaleo Kit - Fully modular metrology solution form UV to IR
Kaleo Kit is the combination of a broad range of compatible modules, that let you create a cost-effective, compact, and easy-to-use system that can adapt to a wide range of measurement configurations and ensure the quality of your sample at all development stages. Access all the …mehr