Produktneuheit 22. Februar 2024

Introducing Casix’s Cutting-Edge Optics at Optatec 2024!

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Aspherical Cylinder Lenses
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IR Lenses made of ZnSe
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Glass Flow Cells
-ZnSe Optics: Our precision-engineered ZnSe lenses redefine clarity in IR. Ideal for laser systems, thermal imaging, and spectroscopy applications. Water-repellent anti-smudge coating ensures easy maintenance.

-Aspherical Cylinder Lenses: Correct aberrations with fewer lenses! These aspheres outperform spherical counterparts, making your system compact and cost-effective. Perfect for fiber optics, imaging, and consumer optics.

-Glass Flow Tubes: Seamless flow control! Our tubes excel in medical diagnostics, fluid analysis, and chemical processing. Trust Casix for quality engineering and excellent service.

Visit our booth F109 at Optatec 2024 to witness innovation in optics!