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Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converter for High Luminance

Dynamic and static Ceramic Converter
Dynamic and static Ceramic Converter

SCHOTT’s Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters provide a consistently bright and clear light source. Ideal for a huge range of devices, from projectors to searchlights, these components are made from pure, inorganic phosphor material, which ensures high temperature stability and excellent heat conductivity.

Two variants of Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converter are offered by SCHOTT. Dynamic and Static solutions deliver exceptional luminance and enable high irradiance for your laser-pumped phosphor light source, as well as a long lifetime for low total cost of ownership.
Static Solutions

NEW: SCHOTT’s Static Ceramic Laser Phosphor Converters enable high luminance and irradiance for your laser pumped phosphor light source with no moving parts. This 100% inorganic solution is ideal for applications such as digital projection and searchlights, as well as lighting for medical devices.

Your Advantages
- Delivers extremely high luminance
- Highly reliable
- High irradiance limit
- No moving parts and compact


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