Trendy? Hype?

The technologically highly demanding subject mater surrounding the optical technologies is unsuitable for marketing gags, and thus for trendiness and hype as well. The best example of this is laser technology which evolved from small beginnings in the form of Nd:YAG lasers, Co² lasers and disk lasers, and was first able to establish itself in today’s diversity of actual applications, as well as tomorrow’s spectrum of conceivable applications, with fibre-laser technology. With their current levels of performance, fibre-lasers are replacing conventional Nd:YAG and Co² lasers step by step and no end to the performance explosion is yet in sight. But this is no reason for Optatec to lapse into short-lived hype, but rather to provide the issue of fibre-laser, which can be made use of far above and beyond the field of thermal manufacturing technology (medical technology etc.), with the necessary, serious presentation platform.