Sales Agent


You will be representing Taiyo Optics while develop customers in Germany. Your job responsibility also include general customer follow-up and maintenance.

- This job does not assign you when and where to work. Sales agent can manage this independently. (It's preferred if you live in Germany)

- This job has no basic wages, it is 100% commission based. Your commission will be calculated as follows:

--- Normally, your commission will be 8% of the sales revenue (excluding tax and international freight)

--- For all the new developed customers, your commission will be 10% of the sales revenue (excluding tax and international freight) within the first year. After this, your commission proportion will return to the normal 8%.

--- As long as the sales agent doing the regular customer follow-ups and maintenance, regardless of how many years, the sales agent will receive commission of this customer’s business.

- Expenses of visit customers (short distance), as well as office and other expenses are all contained within the commission. The company will not reimburse these expenses.

- For visit customer or attend exhibition in longer distance, sales agent need to report specific information about the potential customer and or exhibition to the company in advance. After being approved, the company will reimburse sales agent for travel expenses. (The company may book the flight and hotel for sales agents). For participating an exhibition, the company will pay for exhibition booths, booth decoration fees etc.

- Our factories will provide technical support. For more information, you are more than welcome to visit our company's website at

- How to apply? You could send your resume and cover letter directly to the following email address:


Taiyo Optics

2 Xiang Long Lu, Dongguan Shi, Guangdong Sheng

523326 China

Olivia Li


career(at); olivia(at)

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Olivia Li

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