Optatec 2020: International, Specialised, Modern

The 15th Optatec international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems will offer a distinguished meeting place from 12 to 14 May 2020, at which the most important players from the optics industry will come together at a single event. More than half of the exhibitors journey to the trade fair venue in Frankfurt from outside of Germany.

In terms of occupied exhibition floor space, this year’s Optatec is already surpassing the last trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems, which takes place once every two years. Optatec 2018 was promoted successfully with 540 exhibitors from 32 nations and 5803 visitors from 45 countries. The trade fair’s positive mood from 2018 and its high levels of internationalism are thus continuing once again this year. Expert visitors will be able to gain an impression of worldwide offerings for products, as well as stand-alone and system solutions and applications from the field of optical technologies at the 3-day trade fair. No other event anywhere in the world which addresses these issues compares with Optatec where internationalism is concerned.


Meeting Place for the Market’s Most Important Players

SCHOTT Advanced Optics confirms that Optatec is the industry meeting place for Germany and Europe where the most important players from the optics industry come together at a single location. “This makes Optatec our most important, leading trade fair in Europe,” assures Oliver Hart, marketing communication for advanced optics at SCHOTT AG in Mainz, Germany. In keeping with the motto “Material Makes the Difference”, SCHOTT will showcase special types of glass and materials for various markets and applications in the fields of optics and photonics this year.


Focus on Optics and Photonics – Basis for New Technologies

Highly topical and of great interest is the fact that Optatec’s trade fair topics covering all aspects of sustainability, as well as climate and environmental protection, are of particular significance: optics and photonics make a significant contribution to a better understanding of our planet’s fundamental physical processes. Optical materials are important drivers for research, development and production involving new climate-friendly technologies. “And thus optics and optical materials play a key role – from energy generation and storage right on up to the active reduction of emissions,” emphasises Oliver Hart.


Business Platform with Know-How Transfer

Expert visitors benefit from Optatec as a global knowledge platform and market pioneer in optical technologies by finding solutions to their problems at the trade fair. Thanks to its world-class supplementary programme, this technical event has evolved into a specialised industry platform where know-how can be transferred and new business contacts can be established. Within the framework of the exhibitor forum, relevant issues currently being faced by the industry sector are dealt with in expert presentations. Visitors will also be able to attend a SPECTARIS workshop dealing with DIN ISO 10110 in 2020, in order to find out about the current status and planned amendments for the creation of drawings for optical elements and systems.


First-Hand and Look at the World of Research

Young talent from the industry sector will certainly be interested in Optatec and should definitely save the trade fair dates: the technology park, established by an association of universities, provides young people interested in technology with insights into research. A job board powered by OptecNet Deutschland e.V. offers an overview of the industry’s market situation, which continues it’s positive development because advancing automation and digitalisation are based on modern optical technologies in all industry sectors. A pupils’ day has also been planned which is intended to arouse interest in optical technologies.


Globally Unique Range of Topics – Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

Optatec takes place once every two years. It’s range of topics includes optical components, materials, coatings, optomechanical components and elements, fibre optics, laser components and photonics, as well as systems for additive manufacturing, industrial image processing and optical metrology. Optatec bridges the gap between scientific findings, new technologies and practical applicability.