Optatec 2018 – Silver Linings for Optical Technologies

In Focus: Photonics – Photovoltaics – Solar Technolog

The Optatec international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems is literally casting its shadow in advance for its 14th edition – a year before the event opens! As project manager of the globally significant, leading Optatec trade fair organised by private event promoters P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG which will take place once again at the international Frankfurt Exhibition Centre from 15 to 17 May 2018, Karen Waldow is able to announce highly encouraging figures. More than 70% of the manufacturers and distributors who participated at the last event have already registered for 2018 and exhibitors from more than 20 countries will be on hand.  The proportion of participants from outside of Germany amounts to roughly 46% – with an upward trend! And thus the 14th Optatec will also demonstrate high levels of internationalism, which was not least of all made apparent by the large numbers of foreign expert visitors at the last Optatec as well. More than 5600 expert visitors from 55 countries attended Optatec 2016 in Frankfurt.

Optatec 2018 – with Optical Technologies at the Cutting Edge

Even the bad news indicating that one of the last large manufacturers of solar technology had gone bankrupt has had absolutely no effect on the registration trend. Because photonics, for example in the form of (fibre) laser technology which has been “intensified” once again, i.e. demonstrates extremely heightened performance characteristics, as well as new approaches where photovoltaic and solar systems are concerned, are providing legitimate cause for hope that the markets for optical technologies, components and systems – and thus Optatec’s exhibition portfolio – will continue to open up thanks to new applications and distinctly improved performance. Within this context it’s noteworthy that the philosophy and the strategy for implementing efforts targeted at Industry 4.0 are based to a great extent on the use of optical technologies and systems, for example with regard to networking and communication in the fields of sensor and test technology for highly automated, self-monitoring and for the most part autonomously running production systems operated by manufacturers and suppliers. In this respect as well, Optatec serves as a market maker and partner by presenting new technologies and processes, as well as concepts which have been transformed into products, and by functioning as an intermediary between international offerings and a global clientele.

Optatec 2018 – the Global Community, Connections and Business Platform

Furthermore, Optatec also fulfils this function as a sort of “community and connections platform”, because it not only deals with the presentation of technologies, processes, products, modules, subsystems and complete solutions, but rather also attempts to impart all relevant, accompanying information. A world-class supplementary programme similar to those held in previous years is being planned for the 14th Optatec too, and many of its building blocks are already in the making. The coveted exhibitor forum, as well as the training and research technology park entitled “Study Photonics – Universities Present Themselves” which will be held once again in 2018, can be mentioned here.

New! A conference organised by collaboration partner SPIE Europe covering issues related to “Optical Systems Design”. The product and information offerings made available at Optatec 2018 will be rounded out by additional collaboration partners with a transfer of technology and knowledge in the field of optical technologies, components and systems, so that the expert visitors will be able to gather information and exchange ideas concerning all aspects of the production and use of optical technologies with regard to both hardware and software.