14th Optatec – International Trade Fair for Optical Technologies, Components and Systems

Optatec 2018 – Industry Event for Future Markets

After the great success in 2016 is before the next event: with record-breaking visitor numbers and a further considerable increase in internationalism amongst the expert visitors, the last Optatec international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems has once again significantly raised the standards for the upcoming Optatec, which will be held from the 15th through the 17th of May, 2018! But the prospects are good to very good, because Optatec project manager Karen Waldow is able to announce very lively booking, reservation and RFQ activities, and the floor space earmarked for the trade fair at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre is beginning to fill up. “More than half of the return exhibitors who participated at Optatec 2016 have already registered for the 2018 edition, and as event promoters we see this as a very notable mark of confidence!”

From Credit of Trust to Mark of Confidence with 50% Floor Space Occupancy Already To Date!

The 14th Optatec has indeed begun with a credit of trust, because the exhibitors who journeyed to the last event from 31 countries expressed themselves in very positive terms at the end of the globally recognised technical event during the early summer of 2016 with regard to the quality of the more than 5600 expert visitors and their propensity to invest, who found their way to Frankfurt from 55 countries all over the world. 56% of the exhibitors and 32% of the expert visitor came from foreign countries near and far – and thus Optatec is consistently remaining loyal to its status as a highly specialised trade fair which doesn’t allow itself to be distracted from its fundamental alignment by short-lived trends and hype.

Increasing Internationalism in Supply and Demand

And this is good, because advancing developments in the laser sector targeted at solid-state/fibre laser are resulting in leaps and bounds with regard to performance, so that work can be conducted in industrial applications using fibre lasers with power ratings of as low as 8 kW. Fibre lasers in all power classes are opening up further applications ranges which go well above and beyond the areas of universal laser machining of a great variety of materials. Above all the exhibitors at the Optatec international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems are playing a significant role in this respect, for which reason they’re entitled to claim that they’ve been decisively involved in the development of current advances in the field of laser technology, and in particular fibre laser – and thus have made it possible in the first place!

Laser? Fibre Laser!

Although laser technology still comprises “only a portion” of the strict nomenclature covered by Optatec’s portfolio, it must nevertheless not be underestimated that entirely new spheres of activity, which no one had even thought of until recently, are opening up along with the new laser technologies. Simpler metallisation of CFRP components by means of ultrashort pulse laser, pre-processing of carbon components by removing the outside resin layer for the attachment of laminated components and precision contour cutting of openings etc. in CFRP mesh are mentioned here as examples. The production of lightweight components is greatly improved with solutions of this sort. The Photonics Cluster must also be mentioned within this context – one of six start-up clusters on the campus of RWTH Aachen University which is specialised in research and development targeted at the generation, modelling and use of light – in particular as a tool for industrial production. Numerous products and services are included in Optatec’s offerings in this area as well, thus impressively underscoring the importance of the internationally leading trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems.