ACM Coatings GmbH
subsidiary of ACKTAR Ltd.

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ACM Coatings GmbH
subsidiary of ACKTAR Ltd.
Rudelsburgpromenade 20 c
06628 Namburg-Bad - Kösen

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Product overview

Optical components and materials
  • Optical foils
  • Optical coatings
  • Laser coatings

Optomechanical components and assemblies
  • Optomechanical components

New products

ACKTAR "SAFEtect" offers test specimens and measurement targets for simulating the optical borderline cases black, white and retro-reflective. On the basis of DIN CLC / TS61496-3, ACKTAR has developed various test specimens, which provide therequisite conditions for the functional test of safety scanners. Thanks to the DIN-conforming test specimens, safety laser-scanners can optimally be calibrated and tested and thereby finally the reliability and the detection probability can be improved. ACKTAR "SAFEtect" helps its users to make their detection systems more secure.


Alexander Telle


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