Product novelty 26. September 2022

VirtualLab Fusion - Light Guide Toolbox

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VirtualLab Fusion - Light Guide Toolbox
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VirtualLab Fusion - Light Guide Toolbox - Diffractive Optics Toolbox - Light Shaping Toolbox
Our Light Guide Toolbox is available as a Silver and Gold Edition.

The Light Guide Toolbox Silver is a new but already market-leading tool for the modeling of light-guide-based display systems. It features modeling of multiple grating regions for high-quality AR/MR applications. It requires our fast Physical Optics Design Software VirtualLab Fusion Advanced.

You can define any kind of light guide layout with the flexible grating region concept and check out the optical performance of a complete system. Based on the Fourier modal method (FMM, a.k.a RCWA), the grating response (including direction, wavelength, and polarization) is fully included in the calculation.

The Gold edition provides the world’s one and only grating design algorithm for common light guide layouts. It assists with light guide design, by starting from a visualization of the principle in the k domain and then generating the geometry of the layout. Using the Fourier modal method (FMM, a.k.a. RCWA) as a rigorous method, the grating parameters in different regions will be calculated automatically, that greatly speeds up product design cycles.