Product novelty 14. September 2022

Ultra-Precision Work Holding Spindle (optional with HSK63): ASD-Px/ ASD-PHM63

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ASD010 - Front view
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ASD010 - Rear view
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HSK63 - Front view
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Our ASD-Px combines Ultra-Precision with speed and robustness for the machining and positioning of optics, optical components, or any other parts that require Ultra-Precision Machining. With a spindle error (Error-Motion) of under 15 nm, our ASD-Px has the highest stiffness and load capacity for an aerostatic work-holding spindle. A spindle soaks time of under 9 minutes (cold and standstill to 10,000 rpm), and a thermal shaft growth of fewer than 0.8 microns is achieved by the strictly symmetrical design combined with our efficient thin-film liquid cooling technology.
The cartridge design with axial spindle connectors allows its use in horizontal and vertical machining centers with closed spindle stocks. The “High-Torque” motor option gives 14 Nm motor torque (S1) and will enable one to carry even large grinding wheels. Grinding large glass lenses with our ASD-Px or ASD-PH63M lowers the sub-surface damage and the following polishing process.
As a result, the user gets an ultra-precision work-holding spindle to manufacture and position optical components. It doesn’t matter if it’s the machining of huge metal mirrors at low speeds or high speeds.

The spindle is also available with an HSK-A63 tool interface.

Key facts at a glance:
- Speed: 0 - 10,000 rpm (12,000 rpm optional)
- Tool interface: Precisely ground face plate, D120 (or HSK-A63, manual)
- Radial load capacity at spindle nose: > 1,800 N
- Axial load capacity at spindle nose: > 2,100 N
- Radial stiffness at spindle nose: > 180 N/ μm
- Axial stiffness at spindle nose: > 230 N/ μm
- Motor torque: 6.5 Nm (S1, 100%) (16 Nm optional)
- Angular position accuracy: < 5 “
- Error in motion radial/ axial: < 15 nm
- Thermal soak time: < 9 minutes
- Axial shaft growth: < 0.8 microns