Product novelty 14. September 2022

Ultra-Precision Aerostatic Tool Spindle HSK20: (U)ASD-H20(A)

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(U)ASD-H20A - Front view
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(U)ASD-H20A - Rear view
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(U)ASD-H20A with SLH-20
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(U)ASD-H20A - Front view
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The highest speeds, precision & stability, and fullest automation combine our new tool spindle (U)ASD-H20A. It was developed specifically to meet the long outstanding requirements for the production of integrated semiconductor devices and optoelectronic components. Shortages of electronic or optical components were the first signs of change.
By 2026, an annual and required doubling of the production volume of electronic and optoelectronic components and systems is predicted. Existing production lines have reached their capacity and accuracy limits and are about to be replaced.
This results in necessary optimizations concerning the following aspects: Productivity with small tools (spindle speed), full automation (HSK20 interface, clamping condition/ temperature monitoring), part accuracy and surface (dynamic/ thermal stability), and process stability over high batch size (thermal stability).

Our new spindle is the solution for the high request of productivity with small tools (spindle speed) and the drastic increase in automation (IoT/ i4.0). Speeds up to 150,000 rpm (or 120,000 rpm), an automatic springless HSK-E20 interface, tool clamping monitoring, and optimized thermal/ dynamic behavior allow fully automated machining of small and integral components.
The ASD-H20A spindle is also optionally available with high-pressure aerostatic (UASD-H20). This almost triples the load capacity and robustness, especially at low speeds and with more significant tools.

The key facts at a glance:
- Speed: 120,000 rpm (U)ASD120H20A or 150,000 rpm (U)ASD150H20A
- Housing diameter: 80 mm
- Overall length: 334 mm
- Weight: 8.1 kg
- Tool interface: HSK-E20 (SLH20), spring-less
- Ramp times: (acceleration/ deceleration): up to 150,000 rpm
- High-pressure aerostatic technology (UASD-H20A) for 300% more load capacity and stability (optional)

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