Product novelty 29. September 2022

Multi Radius Broadband Monitoring for Thin Film Coatings

Optical broadband monitoring is an essential tool for the fabrication of precise high performance optical coatings. We have served the needs of the industry for years with our standard system already allowing features like automated process control, online characterization or quality control.
To meet the ever-increasing requirements for homogeneous coatings, we have developed a new system that enables online monitoring at several positions across the substrate mount. With these additional measurements, the coating thickness distribution across the substrate carrier can be determined online. This allows actuators that influence the coating distribution to be controlled directly during the coating process.
The highly flexible monitoring system is accompanied by an extensive software suite. Besides the online monitoring and process control features, it also incorporates an advanced simulation and a re-optimization package. The simulation software allows virtual pre-fabrication of designs incorporating machine specific error sources giving the opportunity to eliminate possible limitations prior to manufacturing. The re-optimization package features rapid real-time automated optimization of designs during the manufacturing process. The optimization is based on the measurements delivered by the monitoring system resulting in an increased process yield.