Trade fair highlight 27. September 2022

Tailor-made lens systems

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Tailor-made lens systems
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Tailor-made lens systems
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Do you need a micro-optical solution for your application? Does every lens have meet your specific requirements? This is our field of expertise. Take the opportunity to see for yourself at our booth.

We grind, polish, coat, bond, clean & inspect complex lens systems. Precisely. Accurately. Perfectly.

Our assemblies achieve a centricity of up to 5 μm.

Grinding & polishing is done by state-of-the-art CNC machines in addition to traditional by hand methods. An interferometer carries out the appropriate check directly after. The concentricity deviations are measured by computer-aided autocollimators.

For filter & anti-reflective coatings, dielectric mirrors and many other finishing processes, we apply a precise fitting coating in an extremely thin and stable manner.

The bonding & assembly of the individual links of a lens system is automatic and performed with the highest precision and zero error tolerance.

The cleaning of the lenses is water-, air- & solution-based. To guarantee the highest quality, clean room conditions are already created at the workplace by laminar flow boxes.

In a meticulous quality control, we ensure that every single component of the lens system is 100% precise & accurate, so that you get the perfect solution for your application.