NEW: the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR


The latest addition to our line of miniature spectrometers: the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR! This compact near-infrared spectrometer is based on a combination of our popular AvaSpec-NIR256-1.7 and the AvaSpec-Mini series.

With its small form factor, the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR is easy to integrate into other devices, including but not limited to handheld applications. Since the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR has no moving parts, it can be used in virtually any environment.

The AvaSpec-Mini-NIR is compact and versatile, which makes it perfect for various applications, including food analysis and recycling. Some applications the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR is especially well suited for are fertilizer analysis, quality control in the dairy industry, wheat and grain analysis, identification of recyclable materials and moisture content measurements.

Of course, the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR can be used for any near-infrared application in the range of 900 to 1750 nm. We look forward to seeing what else this spectrometer will be utilized for!


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