Produktneuheit 13. März 2020

Neue Spiegel mit hoher Laser-Zerstoerschwelle

Manx Precision Optics (MPO) is a leading manufacturer of precision optical components with special expertise in manufacturing high laser-induced damage threshold (high LIDT) optics up to 500mm diameter for industrial and cutting edge research and development applications. As part of its ongoing research and development, MPO has added new components to its highly successful range of optics for ultrafast applications. Therefore, MPO is pleased to announce the launch of its new TTMH mirror.

Manufactured with a specially designed metal-dielectric hybrid coating, MPO’s TTMH mirrors are able to achieve a very high LIDT and offer high reflectance over a 200nm bandwidth (700-900nm or other wavelength ranges as required by the customer) under 45deg p-polarisation. The coating has been designed with a low group delay dispersion (GDD) in mind and can be applied to optics up to 450mm diameter. Due to the full in-house manufacture of substrates and coatings, MPO can offer tight flatness specifications after coating.

The TTMH mirror expands on the existing range of ultrafast optics with coatings crafted to suit a range of optical applications and adds to the wide range of applications that MPO’s optical components can cover .

With a hugely experienced workforce of dedicated craftsmen, MPO prides itself in offering customers the best possible advice and solutions for even the most challenging of applications.