Produktneuheit 20. September 2022

SiC Optiken mit Lotuseffekt Beschichtung und Glass Flow Tubes

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Anti Smudge Coating - no more dirt on your optics-
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Our new anti-smudge coating is new development from Casix coating department. This high tech coating type is water repellent and has the interesting effect that the optic is easy to clean from smears, dust or smudge! This coating is possible on different coating design for Anti reflection (AR) and high refelction (HR) structure. The hardness of the Casix AS –layer was measured with >9H. In fact the reducing surface tension for water and other liquids is the key for this developed effect.
Further on we are presenting high spec glass flow tubes which can be uses in particle counterm, urin analizer or flow cytometers. Only 70 µm thick channels are possible to lead the liquid trough a contamination free inspection area (probe window) for spectral analysation.