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Introducing the new PEAK XNIR Spectrometer – DLP® Technology-Based Innovation from Ibsen Photonics
The PEAK XNIR offers a very high throughput due to a retroreflective advanced optical design, a high efficiency transmission grating, and a high NA of 0.22. The retroreflective design allows for a compact form factor of approximately 63 mm x 50 mm x 77 mm with high resolution and sensitivity …mehr

Full Spectrum PEBBLE Ultra Compact Spectrometers
Ultra compact and cost-efficient OEM spectrometer modules for the visible range The PEBBLE VIS spectrometers offer an ultra compact and cost-efficient spectrometer module for OEM manufacturers of analytical instruments that do not want to sacrifice performance and robustness for …mehr

Compact and highly efficient spectrometer for SD-OCT
Ibsen’s EAGLE OCT-S is a compact, robust, and highly efficient spectrometer, suited for OEM integration into Spectral Domain OCT instruments around 840 nm. The EAGLE OCT-S EOS-121 comes with a 2048 pixel camera with tall pixels and a 70 kHz frame rate as standard. Key Features -Wavelength …mehr

FREEDOM OEM Spectrometer Series
The FREEDOM platform is a series of cost-efficient, pre-configured compact OEM spectrometers for the UV, VIS and NIR wavelength ranges that provide: -Small footprint -High optical resolution -Low stray light -Adaptation flexibility for detectors and electronics -Robust, athermal …mehr