Benefits of transmission grating-based spectrometers for your application

18. Oktober 2022 von 13:00 bis 13:40 Uhr
Halle 8 Raum Symmetrie 2 + 3FORUM
Dr.-Ing. Oliver Pust, Ibsen Photonics A/S, Farum
Produktgruppe: Optoelektronische Komponenten und Baugruppen
Learn how compact spectrometers based on transmission gratings can provide significant benefits such as a high throughput for low light applications, flexibility for OEM integrators, and a robust athermal design for industrial applications.
Dr.-Ing. Oliver Pust will discuss two alternative compact spectrometers from Ibsen Photonics, based on transmission gratings and their distinct benefits compared to traditional reflection grating-based spectrometers.