“CupLids - Fine Leak Hermetic Packages for Optoelectronic”

18. Oktober 2022 von 14:20 bis 15:00 Uhr
Halle 8 Raum Symmetrie 2 + 3FORUM
Reto Keller, Manager Business Development, Materion Optics Balzers AG, Balzers
Produktgruppe: Dünnschichttechnologie
Abstract: For more than 65 years leaded transistor outline packages have been the most widely used hermetic package for photonic chips.
With our CupLid Cavity Windows Materion Balzers Optics has now launched a portfolio of space-saving surface-mount photonic packages that enable miniaturized, hermetic packages for photodetectors, laser diodes, LEDs or MEMS.
We will show the benefits that our novel packages bring to emerging applications such as Laser Beam Scanning Displays in Augmented Reality Glasses, Automotive LiDAR and many others